Take Five Minutes and Send this Letter to Save Menhaden Before the Nov 16th Deadline

Striped Bass eat Menhaden

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Proof our fish need and eat menhaden.

Send the the below or a version letter of it to the ASMFC by November 16. (ASMFC contact information at the end of this post). You can also send in your comments using the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s site that makes it very easy. Click here to go to the CBF site now. It will take you two minutes.

Your messages to the ASMFC need not be long. What counts is the number in favor of action.  Over 92,000 comments last year got the ball rolling. Even the briefest message counts.

Sample Letter

I am writing to urge the Menhaden Management Board to take immediate action to protect Atlantic menhaden from overfishing and restore the health of this important resource.

Menhaden are critical for ocean ecosystems and the economies of many East Coast states. They support thousands of commercial and recreational fishing jobs and tourism businesses that generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

I urge you to move forward with your commitments to increase the menhaden stock with strong final action on Amendment 2 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Menhaden. In particular, I strongly support:

1) ASFMC should adopt Section 2.5, Option B, which will set spawning stock reference points consistent with the existing fishing rate reference points.

2) ASFMC should adopt Section 2.6.2, Option C, to reduce the current fishing rate to the target rate within 5 years.

3) ASMFC should adopt Section 4.2.1, Option B, to use a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) to limit the harvest.

4) ASMFC should adopt Section, Option A, which specifies setting a TAC through an “ad-hoc” approach.  The multiplier used under that approach should be 0.75, and the catch should be allocated 30% bait and 70% reduction.

5) ASMFC should adopt Section 4.2.2, Option C, to adjust the Chesapeake Bay Cap consistent with the quota management approach selected.ing population and provide more food for predators by adopting Section 2.5 Option B

Public concern for menhaden is exceptionally high. More than 92,000 people commented last November, urging immediate action to protect this vital link in the marine food web. Don’t delay. The board must act now to reduce harvest and allow menhaden to resume its role as a major food source in the ecosystem.

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