The Secretive Fishery Management Agency that Regulates Menhaden

The Secretive Fishery Management Agency that Regulates Menhaden
A pretty enlightening article how the management of menhaden really works. If this is the case for menhaden imagine how all the other fisheries along the coast are managed. Some scarey stuff!

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7 Responses to The Secretive Fishery Management Agency that Regulates Menhaden

  1. says:

    What ca n we do? I will start by forwarding this to my congressman.Bet I don’t get a reply?

    • Mike says:

      Today I sent an email to my congressman.If everyone did the same we might get some action.It’s easy to moan and groan and do nothing.Spend 10 minutes of your time and send an email with the link attached.

  2. G D Nyberg says:

    This is a disgrace. It is amazing what these people have gotten away with. I appreciate the fact that this has been brought to the attention of many. Omega Protein needs to have a quota now.
    Sort of like having a presidential debate and only one candidate is invited to participate.
    Again, thanks to those who brought this to the attention of the rest of us.

  3. Wendelin Giebel says:

    The ASMFC collapsed the largest and most important stock of fish on the east coast of the US.
    Still , even in the face of decades of evidence to the contraray, they are convinced their voodoo occult ” science” is doing an acceptable job….. hey it just needs a tweaking. Remove menhaden from the auspices of ASMFC and have NMFS develop a plan similar to what they did for the Pacific sardine after it collapsed under a similar state management nightmare. I spent seven days on the Chesapeake from Annapolis MD to Beaufort, NC. In mid June 2012. I didn’t see a single school or group of menhaden, I didn’t see a single adult menhaden. I did see five menhaden catcher boats near Reedville VA. Even discussing the options with ASMFC members is laughable after what has occurred here. They should resign.

  4. robert geisler says:

    The reduction industry should be limited to a 50% allocation maximum, according to monopoly law
    What happens if omega spins off another company or if another start up occurs?.

  5. Wendelin Giebel says:

    ASMFC cancelled NY public hearing scheduled for Nov 1. I was told it will not be rescheduled. This public hearing should have been rescheduled. Another inappropriate response by ASMFC .

  6. Bill Bartlett says:

    “Menhaden – The Most Important Fish In The Sea.” That is the title of a book written by H. Bruce Franklin. What does that title mean? Why are these fish so important? One reason is because they are the favorite food of many fish, mammals and birds. Most people aren’t familiar with this fish because they don’t eat it directly and you can’t catch them with a hook and line, but they are famous for providing fish oil named omega 3 oil. Many of us take omega 3 supplements. The animals that eat menhaden also benefit from the omega 3 oils just as we do.

    But omega 3 oil is not produced by any animal. It is a plant-derived oil. In the case of the menhaden, they get the oil from eating algae (phytoplankton), which are microscopic plants that grow in the water. They also eat zooplankton, which are also microscopic animals that also feed on phytoplankton.

    Here is where it really gets important. Many of the fish that we like to eat rely on menhaden or other filter feeding fish for their food. They can’t eat algae. If menhaden fish disappear, so will other species that rely on them. Even now as the menhaden population is about 8% of historical highs, the predator fish are eating other fish; even eating the young of each others fish. When you are hungry enough you will eat what you can get. We know that fish are eating crabs.

    All that fish do is eat, swim and reproduce. We don’t need for the fish to go running all over looking for food as they do now. We need the menhaden back at high levels so that the predator fish can store fat and receive omega 3 oils for healthier fish. There are other fish that have the same role as the menhaden: blueback herring, alewives, American shad and the hickory shad. But the story is the same. All of these fish are in trouble due to overfishing, habitat loss and pollution.

    We need to stop the carnage of these fish being done by one company: Omega Protein based in Reedville, Virginia.

    The politicians that accept money from Omega Protein should be ashamed of themselves for accepting a few dollars and a few votes to the detriment of the Chesapeake Bay. Those people who have positions to help bring back the menhaden should be ashamed because they don’t have the courage to do the right thing because they fear for their position. Those people in positions where they should have the knowledge and understandings of the importance of these fish but don’t should also be ashamed. They should know that the more menhaden we have the more fish and birds we would have. And they will be healthier without sores.

    We don’t need computer models or any type systems to gauge how the menhaden are doing. If you have lived a few decades and have been around the Chesapeake Bay or its tributaries then you know how many menhaden there used to be here. When you look now you see very few schools.

    It has been wonderful to see how the interest in these fish has grown over the years. I commend all those who have been working to bring the menhaden back. We can hope now that those making the decisions regarding the menhaden will see that these are ‘The Most Important Fish In The Sea.”

    William Bartlett
    19124 Lake Drive
    Leonardtown, MD 20650
    301 994 0671

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