Omega Protein Continues To Cherry Pick Information

From the Public Trust Project: In response to the Public Trust Project’s June 2011 report on factual inaccuracies on Omega Protein’s website, the company has made a few changes. Namely, the false claims have been replaced with other questionable statements, including the declaration that the menhaden fishery is “healthy” and that “present harvest levels remain far below the level that scientists believe could deplete the resource.” We asked a spokesperson for Omega Protein to direct us to a scientist who could support that claim, and he recommended Dr. Rob Latour, a fisheries expert and former chair of the Menhaden Technical Committee. Dr. Latour told us outright that Omega Protein is cherry-picking statements from the stock assessment, and that there is serious cause for concern about the health and sustainability of the Atlantic menhaden. Please click here to read more.

Omega Protein Cherry-Picks Menhaden Science Omega Protein’s corporate leaders maintain that they are “committed to protecting the environment and the menhaden fishery that provide us with our livelihood.” How committed could they be if they are willing to skew and misrepresent the science showing that the menhaden resource is threatened by Omega Protein’s industrial overfishing? Please join our mailing list to receive regular updates about the Atlantic menhaden and help us keep tabs on Omega Protein! Sincerely, Alison Fairbrother Director Public Trust Project

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2 Responses to Omega Protein Continues To Cherry Pick Information

  1. David Nyberg says:

    It amazes me that that Omega Protein gets away with so much. The evidence proves beyond a doubt that Menhaden are over fished. The imbalance this creates has to hurt other fisheries. Shame on the state of Virginia for not regulating Omega.
    Menhaden are a valuable food for stripers (rockfish), bluefish and other species. Very well could be the most valuable food source for stripers and blues.

  2. Jan Boyce says:

    9/9/11 11:00 a.m.
    They’re back ! Six bunker boats and two spotter planes. Two of the boats are so close to the beach that they are almost on top of the large sand bar. Hopefully they will get hung up on the sand bar. This is a shame. No wonder there are no fish in the area for recreational fishing.
    When you scoop up everything in the bay with those nets–What’s left????

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