Menhaden Population Decline 1979-2009

No matter how you look at it, menhaden abundance is down 86% in last 30 years and down 88% in last 25 years. There really is not much to say other than we need to greatly curtail the commercial harvesting of menhaden in the Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic coast.

Menhaden Decline Commercial Fishing Menhaden Omega Protein

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4 Responses to Menhaden Population Decline 1979-2009

  1. Tony Novak says:

    This is a powerful post except for the gramatical error that may distract a reader. It should say “other than”.

  2. Bill Tanger, FORVA says:

    Scott: I am certain you have seen the Atlantic States Fisheries Commission data on menhaden. The graph is on this website. Do you think it is a fabrication? A decline of 88% since 1979 does not indicate plenty of fish. It indicates a decline of 88%.
    I get my information from the best scientific source on the subject. Where is the scientific data to support your position?
    I can understand someone who works in the industry being paid to comment on the “overabundance” of menhaden. But that is money talking, not science. In the end, science always wins.
    Just like oysters, menhaden can die out completely if we are short-sighted enough to let that happen. Omega certainly seems to be just that.

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